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Organic Coffee from All Around the World Sampler
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Organic Coffee from All Around the World Sampler

Coffee in a cup with chocolate

Picking the right coffee beans can be tricky at first. Getting a sampler pack of different coffee beans from the main coffee-producing areas is a good place to start. This way you can sample several good quality coffees before making the final choice of your favorite. Java Planet is a family owned and operated business. They roast organic beans in small batches for better quality control.

In general, coffee grows best in volcanic ash or soil, at high elevation, and in rainy areas.

Let’s see what this set contains:

Colombian Medium Dark Roast Single Origin

This Colombian organic coffee is a medium dark roast with full body, it is mildly acidic and has a balanced flavor. It has a slightly juicy taste and a signature nutty finish. A medium dark roast maintains the right balance between the original coffee flavor and the full body flavor that comes from the roasting process.

Colombian coffee is grown at about 6000 feet elevation in volcanic soils. Java Planet Colombian beans are 100% Arabica beans sourced by the La Pradera Estate.

Colombian Medium Dark Roast Single Origin

Sumatra Dark Roast Single Origin

Sumatra is an island in Western Indonesia and is a part of the Sunda Islands. Consisting of a number of different provinces, Sumatra is not as popular among tourists as, for example, Bali is. Sumatra has primary rain forests with Sumatran tigers, elephants, and orangutans. It also has beaches and national parks

Sumatran coffee is processed differently and is famous for chocolatey and earthy flavors.

Coffee in Sumatra is typically grown in small family farms usually co-working in a co-op. This gives small businesses an opportunity to grow, develop and compete with large businesses while still holding high standards that are ensured by co-op membership

Another reason which makes Sumatran coffee unique is the way it is harvested. Normally, Sumatran coffee uses a processing method called wet-hulling. Due to almost daily rains, coffee farmers are not able to complete the drying of the beans. The process is continued in one of the wet-hulling machines. Since the coffee beans are staying at higher humidity levels before roasting than with other methods, fermentation continues still and brings up its unique flavor. Sumatran coffee is very full-bodied, smooth, not too sweet, and not too acidic. Its most distinct flavors are dark chocolate, woody earth, dark cherry and tobacco.

Sumatra Dark Roast Single Origin.

Peru Medium Dark Roast Single Origin

Peru, after Brazil and Argentina, is the third largest country in South America.

Peru is one of the great birthplaces of ancient civilizations. Inca ruins are some of the most famous nowadays.

Peruvian coffee has been traditionally grown organically. Many coffee farmers are small businesses with a coop membership

Depending on the altitudes where beans are grown, Peruvian coffee varies. In low altitudes it can be mellow with mild acidity and light to medium body with smooth notes of nuts, flowers, and gentle fruit. And it has a bright acidity, sweet aromatic beans in high altitudes.

The Java beans in the pack are medium dark and full-bodied.

Peru medium dark single origin coffee beans
Peru Medium Dark Roast Single Origin

Guatemala Medium Roast Single Origin

Guatemala has a warm, humid climate and elevations perfect for coffee farming.

Guatemalan coffee has a rich and powerful flavor. It stands out from the other coffees thanks to the many microclimates, varied rainfall patterns and rich soils. Guatemalan coffees are very aromatic with fullness in body due to the high altitude cultivation.

This organic blend by Java Planet has a mild acidity. Filled with the flavors of caramel and fruit, the beans are quite sweet as well. This medium roast is ideal for anyone who is looking for a cup of balanced coffee.

Guatemala medium single origin coffee beans
Guatemala Medium Roast Single Origin

The Good Morning Blend is a medium roast made with coffees from South America resulting in a balanced, full-bodied cup of morning coffee. A medium roast is perfect if you still like to taste the original coffee flavor, but also want to taste that full body flavor that comes from the roasting process.

Last but not least, Espresso Dark Roast Blend provides a dark chocolatey taste with rich crema.

Java Planet is certified with Fair Trade, SMBC Bird Friendly, and is 100% chemical and pesticide-free. All coffee is whole bean and 100% USDA Organic Certified

Each sampler pack includes 6 bags of 3.2oz of whole bean coffee which each make a 10 cup pot of coffee.

Java Coffee Sampler Pack with Pour Over and French Press Coffee Makers sepia
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