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Ruby Chocolate. The Fourth Type of Chocolate?
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Ruby Chocolate. The Fourth Type of Chocolate?

ruby chocolate on a plate

The process of making Ruby Chocolate is not exactly clear. Its creators claim that it is made of a special ruby kind of cocoa beans. Critics say that most probably regular cocoa beans are used, and the difference is only in the manufacturing process. Most likely, cocoa beans are treated with citric acid in the middle of the fermentation process. This secures the pink color and extracts fruity flavors out of the beans. Indeed, ruby chocolate looks like milk chocolate half way through the process. Whether it is actually the 4th kind of chocolate after dark, milk and white, or only a 3.5 version, is not so important.

What is important is that the taste and look is different and still good. It doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors in it and does not include any genetically modified products.

ruby chocolate and black coffee
Ruby chocolate goes very well with black coffee

Ruby chocolate has a berry-fruity taste and flavor. It doesn’t resemble cocoa flavor or taste, similarly to white chocolate. However it is not overly sweet at all. Probably the best way to describe ruby chocolate is as a fruity, fresh and slightly sour version of milk chocolate. 

ruby chocolate on a stand

Combine Ruby Chocolate with Black Coffee!

Ruby chocolate combines very well with black coffee. Learn how to brew a perfect cup at home in this article! Try ruby chocolate with pour-over, Turkish or aeropress coffee. It is good in the form of a pure bar or a chocolate candy with filling.

coffee and ruby chocolate
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