Well Being

Well Being and Happy Living

Woman in Sunlight cropped 2

Winter Blues and SAD. Are You Getting Enough Light?

As days are becoming shorter during the fall and winter, some people may experience the…

mixed crystals

Home Clearing. Crystals

One of the ways to achieve harmony in your home is to place various crystals…

white sage incense on a malachite stone

Home Clearing. Other Tools

Keeping our living space balanced and harmonious is important and beneficial to our well being.…

Sage in abalone shell

Home Clearing. Smudging

Have you ever walked into someone’s home just to realize that you feel uncomfortable for…

Tok Sen Massage

Tok Sen Massage. An Ancient Practice.

Have you ever tried a Tok Sen massage? It is one of the most unusual…

Thai herbal ball massage

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Thai herbal ball massage is a hot stone massage taken to the next level by…