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Tok Sen Massage. An Ancient Practice.
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Tok Sen Massage. An Ancient Practice.

Thai deity

Have you ever tried a Tok Sen massage? It is one of the most unusual and coolest massages out there! It is actually a lot more pleasant than it may appear. The Tok Sen massage was developed 5000 years ago in Northern Thailand; it is a mix of a physical massage and energy work. Read about Thai herbal ball massage here! A typical set of Tok Sen tools looks like this:

Some prefer to cover the hammer with a piece of cloth or faux leather. The pressure applied on the skin and the hammer speed can vary depending on the purpose of the massage. It can be performed all over the body from the feet to the face, even on top of the head. It can be done on dry bare skin, through clothes, or on skin with oils or balms.

oils and balms

The Tok Sen massage’s efficiency depends mostly on the level of the practitioner, just like many other healing techniques. Also it depends on the quality of the tools. Indeed it is not very difficult to learn. This is especially true if you are familiar with traditional Thai massage or generally with meridians or Sen lines. This massage is very pleasant (unless you hit a bone)! What makes this massage an energy work practice is that when it’s done properly (in a flow) it can clear away heavy energies. The flow state is usually achieved through a short meditation. A Tok Sen massage can be useful as a standalone practice or as an efficient auxiliary tool for karmic (energy) clearing. If you are into energy work, check out The Universal Sphere!

If you decided to learn the Tok Sen massage and want to carry the Tok Sen tools around then this kind of bag is for you! Especially if you want to look professional.

tok sen bag

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