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Home Clearing. Smudging
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Home Clearing. Smudging

Palo Santo burning

Have you ever walked into someone’s home just to realize that you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason and want to leave the place as soon as possible? It is as if the air is so heavy you can feel it. Or, on the contrary, some houses feel such a high-vibe and bright place that you would want to stay there forever? Two identical-looking homes can feel completely different. The difference between the two can be simplified to the term “energy”.

You can just imagine that a home is a living organism and may be feeling good or not so good. How it feels greatly depends on what is going on inside in its “body”.

Thought forms

A human eye can see less than one percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. Actually, much less than 1% – about 0.0035% of it.

Given the above, we can reasonably assume that there can be much more around us than meets the eye. We regularly clean the house from dust, etc. because we can see it, but usually forget to clear it from the unwanted stuff you can’t see. Have you noticed that when you are in a certain area of your home you keep going back to the same thought (usually negative)? For example, sitting on a particular sofa often brings up the memories of you being mistreated by someone, etc. One of the reasons might be the thought forms attached to that area.

“The life-period of these ennobled thought-forms depends first on their initial intensity, on the energy bestowed upon them by their human progenitor; and secondly on the nutriment supplied to them after their generation, by the repetition of the thought either by him or by others. Their life may be continually reinforced by this repetition, and a thought which is brooded over, which forms the subject of repeated meditation, acquires great stability of form on the psychic plane. So again thought-forms of a similar character are attracted to each other and mutually strengthen each other, making a form of great energy and intensity, active in this astral world. Thought-forms are connected with their progenitor by what — for want of a better phrase — we must call a magnetic tie; they re-act upon him, producing an impression which leads to their reproduction, and in the case mentioned above, where a thought-form is reinforced by repetition, a very definite habit of thought may be set up, a mould may be formed into which thought will readily flow — helpful if it be of a very lofty character, as a noble ideal, but for the most part cramping and a hindrance to mental growth.”

Annie Besant, Karma

To simplify the concept of though-forms for the purpose of home clearing, we can view them as human-made energetic parasites. They linger in the area where they were generated, provoke repetitive thoughts and feed from low-vibrational energies that follow along these thoughts.

In reality it is much more complex. A particular area of a home can be “energetically assigned” for a certain activity. For example, bedroom for rest; den for study; living room for having fun, etc. This tuning can be done by a specialist.

If you clear the area where though-forms reside, you will break the repeating pattern and negative thoughts may disappear too.

When you want to do space clearing:

  • Before sale or rental viewings. Many people are sensitive to energies and can easily pick up on a heavy atmosphere. A clear home will be an advantage, because not many homes are actually clear.
  •  When you want to attract new people into your life. Blocks that prevent the right people from entering our lives are of a various nature. An energetically “unattractive” home can be one of them.
  • Prior moving in to a house if someone lived there before. It is always better to start from a clean slate. We never know what kind of thoughts previous occupants have had. Thought-forms are also produced when people quarrel. It is not the best atmosphere to live in.
  • If you brought souvenirs from exotic countries. You might be surprised what some of those who make masks, wooden figures and even colorful pillowcases are up to and what their intentions are.
  • In a yoga studio. Heavy energies released during yoga practice may linger in the room and have an effect on practitioners.
  • Anytime you wish to clear up the atmosphere. Especially if you have not been in the best mood for a while.
  • If you had a hard or emotional day.


Smudging is an ancient method for space clearing. It has been practiced by indigenous populations of the Americas for centuries, and dates back to the Incan Empire. Smudging means burning a smudge, a smudge is a bundle of herbs. Smudging can also be done using wooden sticks, as in the case with Palo Santo. Smudging is an easy and affordable do-it-yourself technique to clear space from negative energies and raise the vibration of your home.

There are several herbs that can be used for smudging. The most common is sage. Sage is said to clear all the energies, both positive and negative. This is useful if you are moving into a new home. Even if it’s a newly built home, there were people working there and it is good to clear it all out. Sage is also known to kill almost all airborne bacteria. Sage is very smokey and is good for smudging large volumes. On the flip side, sage smoke smells quite strong and the scent may linger for hours.

The other smudging ingredient of choice is Palo Santo. It is a type of wood and literally means “holy wood”. Palo Santo is not too smoky, and is good for smudging small spaces or objects and people. It is a natural mosquito repellent, and is said to not only clear negative energies but attract positive ones. Its smoke has a very pleasant, sweet scent. Palo Santo is also said to improve creativity.

Among other herbs used for smudging are cedar, Yerba Santa or “holy herb”, and sweetgrass. Cedar is used to clean new homes and it also protects a person from unwanted influences. Yerba Santa is purifying and uplifting, it helps to overcome grief and has respiratory healing properties too. Sweetgrass smoke has a vanilla scent, it attracts positive energies and is usually burnt after sage.

Besides the herb, for smudging you will need a candle and an abalone shell. A candle is more practical than a lighter because it may take awhile for a smudge to begin to smoke. Even better if you pick one of the Jerusalem candles which have home clearing properties on their own. The abalone shell will serve as a save-all for the hot cinder and a holder for the smudge. Using an abalone shell will also bring the remaining water element to the process in which we already have earth, air and fire.

A word of caution before we begin. Never blow on fire, on a candle or even on a lit smudge. It is not a safe habit to develop. First, blowing will put your face too close to the fire source. Smudge sometimes crackles and produces embers. Large candles have a reputation of burning people who tried to blow them out, so it is better not to get used to blowing on candles at all. Also, it is said that not blowing on fire means paying respect to this element.

The Procedure

It is best that there is no one in the house, except those involved in the procedure.

Once everything is ready, set an intention. For example: intend to clear away all heaviness from your home, to bring in the lightness and good feelings. Or intend to clear away all negative memories, or anything related to the previous owners.

Close all the doors. Crack open all the windows: transmuted energies must be given a way out. The rest will be displaced out of the front door in the end. You can open the closet doors, too. Open all the curtains and lift the shades, the windows must be as clear as possible.

Put some relevant music on. A suggested smudging track is:

You can download soundtracks using a free application called Any Video Converter.

Light the candle. A good smudging plan is to proceed counter-clockwise starting from the first room next to the entrance. Starting from the first room from the entrance on your right. This is the room on your left when you are facing the main door from inside the home. By making a full circle around the house, we are making sure that whatever does not leave through the windows is displaced to the front door.

If you remember a prayer, you can say it out loud continuously until the process is over. Psalm 90 is a good choice for home clearing.

Open the door to the first room. Light the smudge from the candle. When it catches fire, let it burn for few seconds, then extinguish it either by pointing it up or by waving it in the air. Once again, do not blow on fire! Begin with smudging the door frame. Then walk around the room counter-clockwise moving the smudge up and down and in a circular motion, to make sure smoke reaches every corner. Another technique is to fan the smoke with your palm of a hand or a feather. Corners themselves are places where stagnant energy collects, and they need proper clearing. Also give some extra smudging to things that belonged to other people, hand-made souvenirs, paintings, mirrors and glossy surfaces. If the space is relatively clear, the smudge will burn smoothly. If it begins to crackle, then most likely that area or object will need another smudging. When smudging mirrors; stay on one of its sides to avoid smudging your reflection. Smudge all windows as well. Sometimes you will feel that a particular object or area needs some extra clearing. Upon completing the full circle, leave the room and close the door behind you. Continue with all the remaining rooms the same way. At the end of the procedure you will be back to the hallway or the room adjacent to the entrance. Now crack open the front door and smudge the entrance area starting from the front door, making a circle counter-clockwise. Then smudge the front door itself and close it.

Sometimes you can come across a “resistance to clearing” phenomena. If your smudge just doesn’t smoke and extinguishes quickly, it might be that your home doesn’t “want” to heal. In this case, you can try a different herb. If this doesn’t work either, smudge as much as you can. Clearing-resistant homes need the attention of a home clearing specialist.

If you want to bring in positive energy after smudging with sage, continue with sweetgrass. To do this, open the doors and windows and crack the front door open. Set an intention to fill your home with positivity. Then smudge every room. There is no need to follow a specific procedure as long as all doors and windows are open.

Once finished smudging your home, smudge yourself as well. Do this by fanning smoke all over your body or by waving the smudge around yourself in semi-circles, and around your head. This will also clear the thought forms attached to yourself.

Put out the smudge by pressing it against the abalone shell. Let the candle burn out till the end.

Sage Smudge Stick

Open the windows to let fresh air in.

Take a shower.

Enjoy your new home!

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