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vintage coffee grinder 2

Organic Coffee from All Around the World Sampler

Picking the right coffee beans can be tricky at first. Getting a sampler pack of different coffee beans from the main coffee-producing areas is a good place to start. This way you…


TOLCA Activation

Getting What You Want More Easily: A Tool to Make The Law of Attraction Work in Your Favor

The Law of Attraction is the reason we continually encounter events, people and all kinds of experiences. We always receive in accordance with our state of being.  In Theory, Manifesting What You…


lavash paradise

Lavash Snacks. A Conveniently Packed Lunch for Work or School

If you want to turn a common snack into a classy one, wrap it in lavash. Lavash is a kind of flatbread widely consumed in Armenia and nearby countries. It is a…

pickled wedges

Healthy, Quick, Crispy Dry-Marinade Pickles

Canned pickled cucumbers are not the healthiest food to consume. They are acid-forming in the body. See Acid Alkaline Balance for details. However, they taste good and are crucial ingredients for certain…

Caramelized ginger candy with cinnamon

Healthy Ginger Honey Cinnamon Candy

Ginger has some amazing health properties: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and quite a few more. So does Manuka honey. Science has shown that a controlled heat treatment can improve certain ginger health properties.…


olivier salad and lettuce on a plate

Vegetarian Olivier Salad. Best Party Food

Traditional Olivier salad recipes usually include meat, chicken, bacon or even sausage. However, the core of this salad is the combination of potatoes, pickles, ground black pepper and mayo. Olivier is basically…


hybrid adjika ready

Adjika Sauce. Three recipes: hybrid, raw and cooked

Traditional Abkhaz Adjika sauce is made of chili peppers, garlic, herbs and spices. This recipe is a milder version with tomatoes. There are many variations of milder Adjika sauces. They may include…

Cloves nagelkaas clove cheese sliced

Nagelkaas, Gourmet Low Fat Cheese with Cumin and Clove

Nagelkaas is a Dutch cheese that is not from Holland. It is from Friesland, one of the 12 provinces in the Netherlands. Let’s have a brief look into it: The name Holland…

ready to eat tkemali sauce 2

Tkemali, Georgian Wild Plum Sauce

Tkemali is a traditional Georgian sauce. It is sour, sweet and slightly hot, and has a very fresh flavor. It is traditionally made of Tkemali plum. It goes well with literally any…


Sage in abalone shell

Home Clearing. Smudging

Have you ever walked into someone’s home just to realize that you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason and want to leave the place as soon as possible? It is as if…

white sage incense on a malachite stone

Home Clearing. Other Tools

Keeping our living space balanced and harmonious is important and beneficial to our well being. There are several ways to do an “energy” spring cleaning of your home. Smudging is one of…

mixed crystals

Home Clearing. Crystals

One of the ways to achieve harmony in your home is to place various crystals according to a particular pattern. Some crystals that work well: amethyst, clear or rose quartz, jet, citrine,…