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Beetroot Salad. Better than You Might Think
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Beetroot Salad. Better than You Might Think

beets salad with topping and grean peas

Beets are very nutritious and are often overlooked. They are a good source of  manganese, which is an antioxidant. They are rich in vitamin C and folic acid. 

Beets also have liver detoxifying properties. This is thanks to betaine and pectin. Raw beets work much better for liver detoxification. 

Raw Beets

This salad is very simple but it looks and tastes really good. To make two portions you will need:

walnuts and prunes
Walnuts and Prunes

Boil beets in low to medium heat until you can easily slice through them with a tip of a knife. You can also bake them.  Cool down in the fridge, then peel them.

Alternatively, you can get cooked and peeled beets from here.

Grate the beets using this mesh size.

grated beets

Crush walnuts, chop prunes finely and mix into the beets together with minced garlic.

Add mayo to the desired consistency. Salt and black pepper are optional. Mix all well and cool down. You can decorate this salad with fresh herbs, lettuce, salad topping or even sweet peas.

beets salad with sprouts
beets salad with dill
beets salad with topping and grean peas
walnuts prunes and garlic beetroot salad


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