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A Simple and Powerful Immune Booster
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A Simple and Powerful Immune Booster

orange carrot ginger juice

This quick and easy-to-make immunity shot needs just three ingredients. All the additional ones are optional but easy to find in any kitchen. For the basic version, you will need about a cup of fresh ginger, 2-3 cups of carrots and a teaspoon honey. Also you will need a slow juicer (cold press juicer). This kind of juice extractor can squeeze out pretty much of anything: ginger, carrots, herbs, wheatgrass, barley grass, etc. As opposed to centrifugal juice extractors, these are quiet, easy-to-clean and compact. When you make your own ginger shot, compare it with the ones you can get from the supermarket or health store. Chances are, you will be happy you had invested in a slow juicer and will hardly want buy another ginger shot again.

ginger juice from a slow juicer
Cold press juicer is highly efficient at juicing ginger

Apart from being well-diluted, supermarket ginger shots are not exactly freshly squeezed. It is normally recommended that any juice is consumed within 20 minutes after it is made. After that time it begins to oxidize, deteriorate and gradually loses its qualities.

Ginger is the main immune booster ingredient:

Ginger is a well-known immune booster. It has a combination of amino acids, minerals and enzymes that makes it a unique anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It can be consumed in a pure form, added to various teas or dishes, or in a form of a candy. You can also get dried ginger. However, if you want the best possible effect, you may want to consume a lot of it, roughly about one cup at once. Also, it needs to be fresh. The easiest way of having a cup of fresh ginger is in the form of a freshly squeezed shot. Other ingredients will make it easier to consume and will create a synergistic effect.

carrots with stalks

Carrots are one of the best sources of beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. The important role of this vitamin for the proper functioning of the immune system is well-known. It is best to supplement vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. This way there is no risk of overdosing on it, because the body will convert only the amount of vitamin A it needs. Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant, it is very efficient in fighting oxidative damage to cells. It is relatively hard to get it from eating fresh carrots, as it tends to remain within the cell walls of the vegetable. Cooking carrots with some oil is one of the ways to make it more bioavailable. Getting beta carotene from carrot juice is even easier, adding a small amount of olive oil to it is still recommended. Also, in a form of juice you can get a much larger dose than by just eating carrots.

Honey, especially containing some propolis, is also an immunity booster. It will also make your shot taste more palatable. Manuka honey is another good choice, it is important that it has a UMF index of at least 20+ . If you have propolis extract (it is usually alcohol-based), add a drop of it into every shot.   

carrots and ginger

For a nice and powerful immune booster shot you will need:

1 cup fresh ginger

2-3 cups carrots

1 teaspoon honey. It has to be a 100% natural honey, see above

extra ingredients
Ginger shot extras

Optional ingredients:

Some olive oil – will make beta carotene easier to absorb

Some lemon or orange juice to taste (approx. 1 lemon or orange) will add freshness and vitamin C

Celery stalks for extra antioxidants and vitamins

Herb stalks that are usually left over in the kitchen: dill, parsley, coriander, basil, etc

Some water if you think that the shot will be too concentrated

Additional supplements to consider:

Vitamin D is a crucial immune activator. Consider taking one together with the ginger shot.

Selenium is an immune system enhancer, It will further stimulate it.

Mumio, or Shilajit raisin, is a metabolism-boosting mineral and trace mineral complex. It has been known for ages as an overall wellness and health supplement. Also a good choice for post-workout recovery, overall body recovery and is an energy booster.

There is no need to mix the supplements into the shot, of course. They can be taken together with the shot. Mumio is usually placed under the tongue. However, it can also be diluted in juice or water.

Get your juicer ready! Ginger and carrots usually require a higher power setting than softer fruits and veggies. To easily juice carrots and ginger, the skin can be left as is. Just cut out obvious imperfections, dark spots, stalks, etc. Chop both carrots and ginger into small rounds, this will make juicing faster. Include additional listed ingredients if you like.

juice and pulp
Immune booster shot is ready within minutes

Once the juice is ready, add honey, optional lemon (orange) juice and water. Mix all well.

immune shot

As a side note, carrot pulp is a great base for fritters. If you plan on making them, then juice the carrots first, then take the pulp out of the container. For the fritters recipe, consider mixing the carrot pulp with cassava or tapioca flour and palm fruit concentrate. Add one egg, salt and spices to taste. These fritters will give you a healthier variation of the famous Delta starch dish. See the Banga soup article!

If you like to prepare several shots for later, the best way to store them is by freezing. The best way to freeze is by using disposable ice bags.  

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