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Home Clearing. Crystals
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Home Clearing. Crystals

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One of the ways to achieve harmony in your home is to place various crystals according to a particular pattern. Some crystals that work well: amethyst, clear or rose quartz, jet, citrine, black tourmaline and malachite, etc.

Choosing Crystals for Your Home

In theory any crystal can be programmed to perform any way you like. Just like any human being can learn any new skills, crystals can be taught to be used for any purpose. However, just like us, different crystals have different “talents” and inclinations. Here are some of them:

  • Black Tourmaline. This crystal is great for creating a protective shield around your home.
  • Selenite. Good for clearing stagnant negative energies. 
  • Rose quartz, associated with loving relationships, attracts love and peace. It is a popular crystal for Feng Shui practice: a crystal of choice for the relationship area of your house. It also helps to promote self-love.
  • Amethyst, works well in combination with rose quartz in adding a calming and balancing factor.
  • Clear quartz is easy to program. It can be used, for example, to collect negative energy and project it to another crystal for clearing.
  • Jet is technically not a crystal, it is a petrified wood. It gives protection from other people’s thought forms. It also promotes grounding.
  • serpentine and jet
  • Roze Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine

Cleansing Your Crystals

In order to program crystals for what we want them to do, we first have to make sure they are not carrying any “old” energies. Water, especially salt water, is known for its energy clearing properties. It is also usually the first choice for cleansing crystals. However water can be damaging for certain crystals. Tap water has very different chemical properties depending on its source. To stay safe, we can smudge the crystals in order to clear them. Sage is a great choice for this task. Start by lighting the smudge from a candle. Once it’s lit, waive it back and forth to extinguish the flame. “Rinse” each stone in the smoke for a few seconds.

The Tibetan singing bowl is another tool to clear your crystals. Place them all loosely near the bowl for a cleanse. Use it the same way as you do for clearing spaces. Hit the edge of the bowl with a mallet and then move the mallet clockwise, slightly touching the edge of the bowl. Alternatively hit the mallet against the bowl few times.

The Universal Sphere® can be used for cleansing crystals and to program them as well.

Creating a Crystal Grid in Your Home

Use your intuition choosing the right crystals for the grid. Pick the ones that appeal to you. As one yoga instructor pointed out: the best yoga teacher for you is the one who attracts you the most. They will give you the best and the safest practice. So it is the same with the crystals. There is no need to overthink it.

The crystals will do what you want them to do as long as you program them. A pointed crystal is said to project energy to where it is pointed. For example, a pointed clear quartz will collect negative energy and will project it onto a black tourmaline for recycling. But you can program a non-pointed tumble stone or a chunk to do the same. The key is in the intention, which is created by feeling.  

As we know, the electromagnetic field of the heart is much stronger than the one of the brain. This is why in order to manifest something, the feeling of having it is always way more powerful than the thinking of having it, or visualizing having it.

Nothing ever works without an intention. Hold your crystals in your hands and ask for what they need to do. Talk to them. It doesn’t mean you need to expect to talk back to you. Asking them is a good way to program them. Treat them as friends who are here to help.

 Hold your crystals with both hands. Create a feeling of the end result. Imagine how you would feel if the result was already achieved. The feeling of living in a high-vibe home: harmonised, attractive and protected by the crystal grid.

Once you feel that the activation is done, it is time to build the grid.

Grid Example

To build the grid: you will need five black tourmaline, four rose quartz, four amethyst and one pointed clear quartz crystals. Place in each of the four corners of the house one black tourmaline, one rose quartz and one amethyst. If you have multiple floors, do it on the lower level. If the floors are very different in shape, then place in the four corners on each floor. Then take the remaining black tourmaline and the pointed clear quartz. Place them next to each other near the front door so that the quartz points at the tourmaline. Set an intention so that the quartz is diverting all the negative energy to the black tourmaline for transmutation. 

Home Protection Crystal Grid
A Grid Example

There are no specific rules when it comes to working with crystals. Try other grids that work for you. 

Give crystals a try to liven up the feng shui areas of your home as well. For example, you can place rose quartz crystals at the love & relationship corner. Remember that if this corner is in the bathroom, unless you are 100 percent sure, try to avoid putting crystals in there. Don’t hesitate place them though if they are a part of the protection grid.

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