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Home Clearing. Other Tools
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Home Clearing. Other Tools

white sage incense on a malachite stone

Keeping our living space balanced and harmonious is important and beneficial to our well being.

There are several ways to do an “energy” spring cleaning of your home. Smudging is one of them, as described in this article. Using crystals is another way of harmonizing your living space. Let’s have a look at other techniques to balance and clear our homes even further.

Om Chanting

Om chanting is a particularly good practice to additionally harmonize your home after smudging. There is no need to chant it yourself, you can just put this track on:

It will have a better effect if it is played loudly. You can even leave it playing when no one is home, it will work just as well.

Playing Music with a Specific Frequency

Wipe negativity away with the 417 Hz solfeggio frequency. Play this track at a comfortable volume anytime you want to harmonize your home space:

You can download soundtracks using an application called Any Video Converter.

Burning Incense

Burning incense has many benefits. In terms of home clearing it can be referred to as a gentle smudging, usually of a smaller area. Be sure you pick incense sticks or cones with natural ingredients.

With Jerusalem Candles

The procedure for clearing the space using Jerusalem candles is similar to Smudging. Just substitute the smudge with two candles: one in each hand. Do the rest exactly the same way. After the procedure is finished, let the candles burn out completely in the kitchen.

With The Universal Sphere®

The Universal Sphere® is a new, advanced and easy-to-learn tool. Along with other applications, like relationships, manifestations, improving outcomes and others, it can help with clearing and harmonizing the home space. The use of the technique is not limited to the home, of course. Do it for your office space and watch the whole working atmosphere change.

The Universal Sphere® for the home takes no more than five minutes to do and it significantly raises the vibration of your living space.


Make your home a happier place to live!

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