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Karmic Relationships. How to Identify, Heal, Learn and Move on
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Karmic Relationships. How to Identify, Heal, Learn and Move on

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If you are a university student, your primary focus would be on your own studies. You normally wouldn’t really care how the other students are doing, this is their own business. Often, however, you can team up with others to work together on some particular project, if you think you can each benefit from that. Either way, the main focus would be on your own success. 

Likewise, in a nutshell, every soul “cares” only about its own expansion and growth. The development of other souls is their own sovereign task. Unlike in the university student example, relationships with other souls are critical for our own soul’s development. It is impossible to self-realize on your own, without all the variety of the interactions with all kinds of other beings. Every relationship we enter into is meant to give us something to learn from for the purpose of the soul’s expansion. Every relationship, no matter how small, is a “mirror” in a sense that it provides us with an update on the progress we are making. After all, soul expansion and moving forward is the only way we can go, there is no way backwards. Even if on our human level we might think we are completely stuck in life, the soul still learns from the situation, expands and grows.

Primary Relationship Types

There are several main types of soul relationships, or ones that are “meant to be”. “Meant to be-ness” generally means that they were agreed upon between the souls before birth. The main relationship types are the twin flame (rarely attainable), soulmate and karmic.


Karma is not a bad thing at all, it simply means “unlearnt lessons”. Using the university analogy again, it means not studying well enough, not being ready for the exams, not passing the tests on time, etc. The good thing is that there is always a chance to come back and do it over. A karmic relationship can occur if you had created a significant “energy imbalance” with someone in the past, and this time you are given a chance to get it right. The “linear” concept of past lives is a bit oversimplified. The human mind tends to perceive time as a straight line. The reality of multiple lives is much more complex than being born, dying, then being born again in a new body, etc. A karmic partner is not necessarily someone you had “past lives” with. It can be a completely “new” person who comes into your life to teach a particular lesson.

Karma stands for unlearnt lessons

A karmic connection is often viewed as a preparation stage for the twin flame relationship and the experience of the unity of the soul. This is because a karmic connection is a “mini twin flame connection”. When (and if) your twin flame crosses your path, it is important that this event doesn’t become a complete shock, so a preparation is necessary.


Soulmate connections are usually smooth and easygoing. They are not designed to bring up big issues to the surface, things just seem to fall into place naturally. These relationships focus merely on what you like about yourself, and what your soul wants to develop within itself. It’s almost like your soul is going on vacation, though it is still learning and expanding.


Unlike with karmic connections, soulmate relationships don’t bring up many hard lessons. It is like if you are a student, you know an answer to almost every question, but you are still encouraged to study more in depth on the subject.

Twin Flame

These are of a planetary significance and are very rare. The two share an identical soul signature and are a “perfect match”. This connection is about experiencing Oneness. The twin flame relationship can feel like a combination of both the karmic and soulmate ones, multiplied infinitely. It is very intense, and it brings up the core issues to the surface. Twin flames are the perfect mirrors for each other. They reflect back to each other everything that is seemingly hidden, whether it is pleasant or not.

twin flame connection
Twin flames are the two aspects of the same soul

Most of the twin flames don’t stay together for very long. Usually they are not ready for such an intense relationship and are not strong enough to sustain the connection.

It Is Not Always What You Think

There will always be a “magnetic” pull between any kind of soul relationship. It is important to remember that having “other lives together” (or past lives) doesn’t necessarily mean repeating the same scenario in this lifetime. Other lives (past-life) relationships, good or bad, help people to get together in this current lifetime, but where it goes from there depends on their choices. So, past lives don’t matter too much in themselves. Only the goals and lessons to be learned in this lifetime really matter. 

It is also important to remember that the energy of the “other lifetime” relationship often carries over to this lifetime. This happens usually when the past-life relationship terminates abruptly and the energies around it are still very high. For example, if one of the partners has to leave for whatever reason or simply dies. If they meet again in this lifetime, they suddenly feel a strong charge between them and usually don’t realize what is going on. So, in a way, they start where they left off.

Cute Princess Kissing Prince Frog Illustration
“Love at first sight” can be just “memories” from another lifetime

The caveat here is that once the energies that are “carried-over” are depleted, and there is nothing else to base the relationship on, it simply wanes. So, many times “love at first sight” is only an impression from one of the “other” lives, where a loving relationship ended abruptly. It didn’t even need to be romantic, it could be the love between siblings, etc.

How to Identify a Karmic Connection

A karmic partner is like a suitcase full of nice clothes but without a handle: it is difficult to carry but very hard to dismiss. A karmic connection is pre-agreed upon by the souls (in a form of a soul contract) for the purpose of learning a specific lesson. Usually there is a so-called karmic debt involved. A karmic partner is meant to highlight and bring to the surface some of the deeply-hidden issues within its counterpart. It is crucial to recognize a karmic connection at an early stage. This will make it possible to keep it under control relatively easily. Then you can turn it from a dramatic into a pleasant experience.

a couple

The most common trait of this kind of connection is “mixed feelings”. It feels like it is “meant to be” but something is just not right. “I can’t live with you, but I can’t live without you” is a usual symptom as well. Also there will normally be an instant recognition of the other person. 

Karmic partners normally feel that they are meant for each other and are very compatible. The reason for the “meant-to-be” feeling is that it really is meant to be. The question is for what purpose and for how long? 

They feel the importance of it because both souls are working on their lessons. The souls are communicating to the subconscious that this connection is significant. However, it is a good idea to let go of the “importance”, more on this below.

Almost for certain they will be of matching Zodiac signs. There is no surprise, because they already knew when and where they were going to be born when the connection was agreed by their souls.

They will be compatible in many different ways. Most likely during conversations the karmic partners will be finishing each others’ sentences. This is also quite natural, because they already know each other from before.

It can be addictive. “There is no sunshine when they are gone” is a very unhealthy state of being. If the day is not complete if you don’t see them, then something is not right. And if something is not right, it must be karmic.

Making the Most Out of the Karmic Relationship

When the Universe brings a particular person to your attention, it makes sense to get the most benefit from it. With karmic connections it usually means acknowledging the lesson, learning from it and clearing the karmic energy (or karmic debt) as soon as possible. It doesn’t mean that you need to forget about them once the lesson is learned. You can stick with them for as long as you choose to. Actually clearing the karmic charge brings more freedom and options into any relationship. Just like with any human activity, learning karmic lessons can be done the easy way, the hard way, or somewhere in between. By the way, the soul doesn’t really “care” how we learn our lessons, as long as we learn them. As far as the soul is concerned, every road (and there are an infinite number of them) leads home. Everyone chooses their own path according to the Law of Attraction, often not even realizing that they made that choice themselves.

All roads ultimately lead home

So, going from A to B can be a nice ride in a comfy seat, or a ride on a donkey in the rain. There are several tools available to make the ride as smooth, fast and easy as possible. A karmic relationship is a mixture of both good and challenging experiences. The idea is to amplify the good part and to smooth out the drama of the challenging part. It is important to start doing it as soon as possible. It is better to do the preparation energy work than rush into the relationship without clearing the path first.

Rushing into a karmic relationship without a safety net typically ends up this way…

Normally a karmic relationship is not meant to last. That being said, “meant” is a synonym for “planned”, not “doomed”. If someone is not meant to do something, but he/she chooses to, they will be able to do it anyway.

Tools and Techniques to Consider

The Akashic Records

By accessing your Akashic Records you are connecting to your soul guidance team and the healing energies that the Akashic Records provide. The benefit from the healing energy is more important that the “cognitive” part received from the Records. You can enter the Akashic Records anytime you like and in any state of mind (even after a few glasses of wine). Try asking questions, like, for example:

What history do I share with this person?

What in particular happened in the past that brought us together again?

What lessons do I have to learn from this connection?

What is the easiest and smoothest way to learn from this experience?

There are many other possible questions to ask depending on the situation. Once you ask them, even if you don’t hear or see any answers, it is still working. You can do it again another day; the minimum recommended amount of time spent in the Records is 15 min. In two weeks or less you should see positive changes for this situation.

The Universal Sphere

This technique provides a solution energy for any situation. It literally “breaks the ice” between people. When it comes to a relationship the Universal Sphere can work in different ways. Sometimes the relationships do not serve you and the other person’s best interest. In this case applying the Universal Sphere most probably will make the relationship end fast and relatively pain-free. End of any relationship may seem a bad thing at first glance, but it is not so. Often it is better to end it sooner with less trouble than later with more difficulties and no extra benefit gained. On the contrary, if the relationship is meant for your growth and soul’s expansion, the solution energy of the Universal Sphere will make it the best it can be. In case of a karmic connection the Universal Sphere can be applied with a particular purpose, as an example:

In the space between the two (or more) people involved

For the fastest resolution of a possible conflict

For making the most out of the connection within the shortest time

Do the Sphere on yourself, this will also help to ease things up and elevate your vibrations

Do the Sphere on another person, this will make it easier for them (and consequently for you)

When the Universal Sphere is applied on the space between people, it directly affects everyone involved: everything is energy, therefore, everything responds to energy.

Karmic Clearing

Nothing heals the past like ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ karmic clearing. Karmic clearing by definition is one of the best ways to heal a karmic relationship. This type of healing removes unnecessary baggage we accumulate during this and other lifetimes.

karmic baggage
Karmic baggage is stuff that doesn’t serve us any longer

Meeting a karmic partner in itself signals that it is time to get rid of some of the karmic stuff that has come up. So receiving a few clearing sessions will be beneficial.

Have Fun

If you have found yourself in a karmic connection, drop all the expectations and have fun with it. High expectations lead to high importance of the other person. Their “high importance” only creates more resistance for the relationship to work. The more we want something, the more resistance of getting it we automatically will have. To make it effortless, flowing, smooth and easy, it is crucial to let go of the importance of all that is happening. 

This is a much healthier approach to a karmic relationship

Once the karmic energy between the two is cleared and the lessons are learnt, the possibilities are endless. Any karmic relationship has a potential to become a beautiful one, once the necessary work is done.

heart shaped lantern

How to Tell if It Is Still Worth Pursuing

Just like with most life situations, the right decision lies in the emotional plane. Among the variety of choices, it is usually a good idea to pick which you are the most excited about. If something or someone gives you a happy, excited feeling, then it is a sign that it is worth going for. If they give you a dull, unenthusiastic response, then it is not worth pursuing. Our emotions are a guiding system that helps us navigate through life and “see” what the eye can’t see. Our higher mind that is “all-knowing” sends us a “go” or “don’t go” signal. This signal is translated by our body either into a feeling of excitement or reluctance. This is how our higher mind tells us which road will take us to the most fulfilling path. This “excitement” check can be used in any life situation, not only in relationships.

Skipping It Entirely

A karmic relationship is usually over in one of the two scenarios: it doesn’t serve the parties involved any longer, or the souls decide that is no longer going to work as planned. Also if you decide not to get involved and skip the karmic relationship entirely, this is not a problem as well. When we say that some things are “meant to be” it only means that they were agreed upon on the soul level.

Hindu god in meditation
When you know who you are, you will never get upset

On the human level, having the power of free will, we can override any soul agreement. Many, if not most of the “meant to be” events never actually take place. Since we have freedom of choice, we may take a left turn while driving, they take a right turn instead, and the encounter doesn’t happen. We may get upset about missed opportunities, but our souls don’t, because there are always other ways to learn, grow and expand.

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