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Improved Outcomes? There is a Universal Sphere ® for That! Experience the Solution Energy!
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Improved Outcomes? There is a Universal Sphere ® for That! Experience the Solution Energy!

The Universal Sphere

The Universal Sphere ® is a simple and relatively new energy technique anyone can learn. By using this technique, one can create much more ease, grace and flowing in life. Everything is energy; therefore, everything responds to energy. The teachers of the Universal Sphere describe it as a tool that helps you to “resonate with the perfect vibration of the Universe, allowing you to become a Universal human and to experience once again your Universal connection“. Long ago we were cut off from this connection, and this state of disconnection became a new reality. The Universal Sphere assists in getting back into connection with the Universe. It is based on a principle that every solution already vibrationally exists in the Universe.

The Universal Sphere has the potential to benefit anyone by bringing the solution energy into any situation. It can assist you in many ways in your life and can help with:

  • Manifesting improved outcomes to events and situations in your life

This may include a job interview, a situation at work and generally any life circumstances.

  • Bringing in new solutions to challenging problems

If you are stuck with something and it seems that there is no solution, this is not really so. It is just that the conscious mind doesn’t know the solution that actually already exists. The Universal Sphere will help you connect to the solution that you are not consciously aware of yet.

  • Improving your relationships whether they are good or bad

Any relationship, be it challenging or easy, can be greatly improved with the Universal Sphere. For example, if someone is being badly treated at work by a boss, applying the Universal Sphere will result in an outcome that is the best for everyone. It may include the boss being fired or the person finding a better job. In any case, the result is a better situation than the original one.

  • A greater connectedness to your Higher Mind

A conscious fear-based mind was originally designed for physical survival. However, over time it took almost full control of the human decision-making process from the Higher Mind. Choices made out of the conscious mind often lead to disappointments. The Higher Mind, on the contrary, always knows what is best for us. The Universal Sphere helps to make choices out of the Higher Mind rather than the fear-based mind.

  • Healing on multiple levels: physical and light bodies

The Universal Sphere can sometimes heal the physical body. However most often physical healing comes from the Universal Sphere® bringing in solutions beyond that which the mind thought of e.g. finding the right doctor, finding the right diet, the type of activity etc. This Universal Sphere® technique can also quickly balance the chakras and increase the energy field.

Universal-Sphere-Solution-Energy 7
Chakras unbalanced before the Universal Sphere session
Chakras balanced after the Universal Sphere session
energy field
Kirlian photography image of the frontal area of the energy field, before and after the Universal Sphere session
energy field
Kirlian photography image of the side area of the energy field, before and after the Universal Sphere session
  • Living a more heart-centered life 

The electromagnetic field generated by the heart is 60 times more powerful than the electromagnetic field generated by the brain. Living more out of the heart can literally make you a stronger “magnet” for what you want to experience in life.

  • Embodying more clarity every day to make wiser decisions

The Universal Sphere has the ability to dissolve energetic blocks and certain emotional baggage that no longer serves us. Clearing it away provides more clarity in life. For example, many people who use this technique experience a natural change in diet preferences. This may include not drinking so many cups of coffee a day, starting to eat more healthy, and to consume foods that best suit the body etc. This usually results In the normalization  of body weight. Other aspects of life usually change as well. A person may, for example, engage in a new beneficial physical activity.

  • Experience deep relaxation and feeling greater inner peace every day

As you are distancing yourself from a fear-based mind and begin to live out of a love-based Higher Mind, fear and anxiety naturally diminish.

  • Healing the past

The Universal Sphere can be done on a past occurrence. If there was an event in the past that had left an emotional “scar”, so to speak, it still can be helped. Not to mention that the solution energy of the Universal Sphere transcends time and space. Past exists not only as a memory. If it was an emotional experience, it also exists as a vibration. This vibration can influence the present life in a negative way. For example, forgiving and releasing the past is essential in order to attract something new and healthy into present life. A relationship, or a good job. The Universal Sphere will help to release the unnecessary baggage that doesn’t serve us, and doesn’t allow for new good things to come.

Interested in receiving a bundle of three Universal Sphere sessions from the founders of the Universal Sphere® at any distance over the Phone, Skype or Zoom? Click below:

Ready to learn the Universal Sphere from the founders of the Universal Sphere® in an online class? Check it out below for the February 2021 or June 2021 workshops:

Experience a sample of the Universal Sphere watching the video below:

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