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Fresh Breath
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Fresh Breath
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Fresh Breath

a female covering her mouth

Fresh breath can be an ice breaker, but lacking it can be a big communication obstacle, a career building issue, a health problem, etc. Overall, a person with a fresh breath exudes an impression of a healthy individual who takes care of himself and knows what he is doing. Being seemingly a “small” detail, a fresh breath can take you a long way. Not to mention, sometimes it is very easy to achieve. Other times, however, it is not that easy and can require some deeper work. Bad breath is not actually that bad in itself. It is often a signal that something is not right in the body and special attention is needed. Ignoring bad breath is almost like ignoring pain. Pain is the way our bodies signal about a problem, we all know that. So rather than blocking bad breath with mouth fresheners, chewing gums and so on, it is a good idea to fix it by addressing the root of the problem. Even something as obvious as eating a couple of garlic cloves can give you some idea about it. For example, if 24 hours after consuming garlic people are still complaining about it, it might indicate that there is a digestion issue. Perhaps a colon cleanse is necessary.

Overall, lack of breath freshness can have two main reasons: local and systemic. Local means that it originates in the mouth, throat or lungs themselves. Systemic means that it is carried through the blood to be subsequently breathed out through the lungs. Alcohol is a classic example. Even if it is injected intravenously (can only be done under doctors supervision, of course), alcohol smell will still be present in the breath. 

Actually, most of the unnecessary compounds are eliminated from our bodies through breathing. When the body acid-alkaline balance tips to the acid side, for example, we can literally “breathe out” the excessive acidity. 

Local Sources of Bad Breath

So, what can cause bad breath locally? Gum disease is a very common reason. If not taken care of in time, it can result in loss of teeth. Using an antiseptic mouthwash can help a lot. Another very effective way to prevent gum disease is a procedure called oil pulling. Not only does it remove the bacteria, it also clears the plaque away and closes the gum pockets, strengthening the teeth. 

teeth and gums

Bacteria that reside on the tongue surface can be another local source. The tongue can actually accumulate a lot of bacteria that can be hard to reach.

tongue anatomy

Tongue scraping along with oil pulling can help with that. Note, that brushing the tongue is not an efficient way of cleansing it.

tongue scraping

Tonsillitis and/or tonsil stones are a very sneaky reason for bad breath. The problem is that ENT doctors often don’t like you to know you have tonsils stones. The traditional medical procedure of rinsing them out with a syringe can cause patients to cough the liquid out onto them, and many doctors don’t like that. Oftentimes they would rather tell you that you are OK. If you suspect that you might have tonsil stones, you can take care of them quite easily using a liquid flosser. It is a simple device that shoots water out (or a disinfectant) under relatively high pressure. You can use it to floss, but you can also remove tonsil stones with it.

handheld irrigator
Handheld irrigator

Don’t do it when you actually have a sore throat, acute tonsillitis or active cold or flu. In this case you can actually make it worse. If you are not sure, it is always best to consult a doctor anyway. Perform the cleanse on the minimum flow setting, use a simple lance with an approx. 135 degree angle (don’t use brushes or swirlers). There are usually several similar lances in the pack. Pick the one with the most gentle jet. The tank is usually filled with warm water and an antiseptic. You can also use a sea salt solution with some liquid oral disinfectant. Some people also add baking soda. Even if you don’t know exactly where the stones are in your tonsils, it is relatively easy to locate the tonsil craters once you begin. Just direct the low pressure stream to where you feel the tonsil “pockets” are. Do this on both sides, make sure you don’t swallow anything. Chances are several small stones will be washed out with the first rinse. The whole procedure is not supposed to hurt. If you feel pain, consult your doctor before you continue. Some blood may appear though, due to capillaries in the tonsils.


After the procedure many feel a great sense of relief, disappearance of chronic cold symptoms, improvement in skin health and complexion. Plus you will get a fresher breath, of course. The procedure should be repeated several times. Ideally, you should stop getting stones and mucus out of the tonsil craters while rinsing. The procedure is most conveniently done in the shower because the accidental water sprays from the irrigator can be contained. Avoid spicy, cold, hot or hard foods on the day of the procedure.

Irrigators are effectively tiny high-pressure washers. You can use them to jet wash small areas that are hard to clean otherwise: tile seals. shower corners, etc.

Other local sources can include lung or bronchus conditions, etc. Please see a doctor if you think you have any of these.

Oral Probiotics for Fresh Breath

Though the word “probiotics” is familiar to almost everyone, it mostly refers to the gut microflora. It is very important to maintain the colon bacterial balance on the healthy side. Immunity and overall health, not only digestive health, are just few reasons to name.

Oral probiotics, on the contrary, are not that well-known. However, they are equally important to one’s health. Healthier gums, plaque prevention and promotion of fresh breath are just few of the benefits. Having a healthy oral microflora means that “good” bacteria prevail in the mouth. Since microorganisms live in a competitive environment (like wildlife), the balance often shifts to the unhealthy side. This may happen as a result of an unhealthy diet, taking antibiotics, overusing antiseptic mouthwash, etc. When bad bacteria prevail in the mouth and the throat, bad breath is almost inevitable. Oral probiotics are specifically designed to settle in the mouth and restore the healthy bacterial balance.

Systemic Sources of Bad Breath

Various conditions where the body uses breathing to remove toxins can lead to bad breath. Overall, a “systemic” bad breath indicates that the body is working hard to bring itself into balance. If it overloads and fails to do so, a disease can develop. It is a good idea to eliminate the cause of the high load on the body’s detoxifying function.

It can be an unbalanced diet, for example, like a very strict low carb diet that leads to intense fat burning. This kind of diet is not very healthy and carbs are actually very important. Just eliminating insulin spikes in combination with exercise may be all that you need, without compromising health and fresh breath. Read more on it here.

Another possible reason is a strong acid-alkaline imbalance. The body will try to balance itself, breathing plays an important role. The key is to keep the body slightly alkaline by adopting the right diet. More on it here.

Various digestive issues can affect the breath. It can be a stagnant gallbladder, intoxicated colon, stomach issues, etc. Read on how to easily get rid of colon toxins here. A stagnant gallbladder can happen when simply skipping meals, especially in combination with coffee, dark roast in particular. Sometimes it can be fixed by simply eating a green apple. Sometimes a deep gallbladder cleanse is required.


There are some efficient supplements to do that. GallCleanse, Super Phos 30 and Artichoke Leaf Extract are good for flushing the gallbladder. A good liver cleanse is also necessary from time to time. Some of the efficient supplements are Hepasan and Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse. The liver is the main filter in the body and it makes sense to clear it regularly. This way it will cleanse the blood more efficiently, which will help with a fresh breath as well.

human liver

Blood detox is another way to improve the breath, this way there will be less need to breathe the toxins out. There are many ways of doing this, taking activated charcoal (a non-selective absorbent) is probably the most commonly known. There are much better selective toxin absorbents on the market. One of them is called Enterosgel, which is highly efficient in cleansing the intestines and the blood. It actually absorbs the toxins directly from the blood through the capillaries of the small intestine.

female small intestines

Results, like skin clearing, are seen within only a few days. Since the gel detoxes the blood, it also relieves the systemic bad breath issues. 

Generally a good detox with the help of Enterosgel looks like this:

Start with a colon cleanse and start taking Enterosgel right away. This will make sure there is not even a minor body intoxication in the process. Then start with the liver cleanse, still taking the gel. By the end of the liver cleanse, the blood will be cleansed as well. Enterosgel should not be taken for more than 21 days in a row. A short break is required before another 21-day cycle is started.

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