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Tongue Cleaning, Scrape off Toxins!
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Tongue Cleaning, Scrape off Toxins!

tongue scraper and toothbrush

Tongue cleaning is almost as important as hand washing. The tongue is one of the first places where the body deposits toxins. If you don’t clear these toxins away quickly, then the body will find another way of getting rid of them. For example, it can do this through the skin in the form of acne. A clean tongue also ensures better sense of taste and fresher breath. The latter is thanks to the removal of bacteria from its surface. Tongue scraping is also a particularly important procedure if you just started an oil pulling routine. Oil pulling itself is another efficient way of tongue cleaning. However, in the first few days of oil pulling tongue scraping is usually required.

In oriental medicine it is believed that internal organs project onto the tongue’s surface; therefore health benefits may include organ stimulation as well.

tongue reflexology chart
tongue reflexology chart 2

A toothbrush can’t efficiently clean the tongue surface. A good quality tongue scraper is highly recommended.

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