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Getting What You Want More Easily: A Tool to Make The Law of Attraction Work in Your Favor
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Getting What You Want More Easily: A Tool to Make The Law of Attraction Work in Your Favor

Tree of life

The Law of Attraction is the reason we continually encounter events, people and all kinds of experiences. We always receive in accordance with our state of being. 

In Theory, Manifesting What You Want is Easy:

Intend and Ask, Consistency is the Key for the Law of Attraction to Work

Even when we are not consciously asking anything, we are still asking. The Universe is constantly responding to the signal that we are subconsciously radiating out, and is constantly manifesting for us accordingly. The rule of thumb here: focus on what you like and what you want to get more of. Wherever you put your focus on, there the energy flows. Wherever the energy flows, it gets bigger. 

Free will is a great privilege but it can also be a challenge for many. Deliberately shifting focus from unwanted things to wanted things requires some degree of mastery. 

The Universe takes everything literally. Beliefs like “I will be successful” are interpreted also literally. This is the same as to say: “I don’t want to be successful now. Only in the future.” Seeing as the future will always be in the future, this will never happen today. If you want to manifest success, the “I am successful” belief works much better.

The Universe says “Yes” to everything that we project out, whether it is wanted or not. If you focus on not having something, the Universe will bring you more reasons to experience not having it. If you put your focus on seeing a particular number on the clock, for example “1111”, you will see this number more and more. If you focus on the frustration your relationship is causing, you will get more reasons to experience frustration. If you focus on good things in the relationship, you will experience more good things.

Consistency is crucial. If one day you think you are successful and the next day you think you are a loser, this is not consistency. 

Wait for the Law of Attraction to Work

The physical world is dense and there is always a lag between asking and receiving. During the waiting phase, it is important to stay consistent with what you want. Thoughts like “Where is it? Why haven’t I got it yet?” will only get you out of alignment with what you want.

Allow it in by Letting Go of the Resistance

In reality, it is not that easy to consistently focus on what you want to experience. It requires practice and should become a habit.

What if there was a tool that would let you easily manifest what you want?

An activation that would help to hold your intent and vibration constant, so that your manifestation effectiveness improves dramatically. A tool that would not be swayed by your thoughts in the moment and would let go of that resistance.

Heart Shaped tree of life

Such a tool is called the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation

During the activation, which can be done at any distance, a person receives a crystal. This is a large double-pointed crystal that can be programmed to manifest anything. Estimate the distance from the base of your spine to the point 18 inches above your head, this is how big it is. The good thing is the crystal is not physical. You don’t need to worry about carrying it around. It is always with you and will always work for whatever you program it for. At the time of receiving this activation, the crystal will be programmed for you for whatever you want. A good example is something where you will see the results soon, like good health. You will see the results faster, as opposed to a trip to the Moon, which may take some time to happen.

From time to time, you will need to connect to the crystal through an easy 10-minute guided meditation. As soon as you notice a “shift” (usually within a month or so), you can reprogram your crystal for something else. This procedure will take you no more than 30 minutes. The old program will not be erased; it will continue running in the background. Avoid programming it for a relationship with a particular person, it is counter-productive. You may not care for them any longer after some time and the program will continue to run anyway. A better choice for programming is “a relationship with a perfect partner who is (a list of qualities) and who will make me feel (a list of feelings).” Such a program will most likely bring you someone much better that you ever knew existed, as opposed to the person you might be focusing on now.

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation only needs to be done once. You can reprogram it as many times as you like and whenever you like. At the moment the activation is offered together with The Universal Sphere

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