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A Five Minute Lower Back Relief Stretch
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A Five Minute Lower Back Relief Stretch

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Lower back pain is familiar to almost everyone. It can appear for many reasons, some of them may not be so obvious. It can be due an incorrect lifting technique, for example. Like lifting something heavy in front of you using you back rather than legs. Sometimes lower back pain is caused by a spinal misalignment or deformation located in the chest area. The irony of such a situation is that the actual problem is in the chest area, but it is the lower back that hurts. Sometimes pain in the lumbar area can be caused by unevenly developed oblique muscles. This may create a misalignment in the lower spine and consequently pain. Also lower back pain can develop due to an incorrect walking technique which can even result in herniated discs in this area. It is very important to avoid heavy steps or so-called “lazy steps”. The correct way is to step softly starting from the heel in a similar fashion to how airplanes land from the back wheels to the front. 

Surprisingly to many people, lower back pain can be caused by negative thoughts and emotions. Worrying about money, overly focusing on a loss of material possessions and other forms of, “survival anxiety” can all lead to sciatica. Such thoughts and emotions can result in the accumulation of heavy energies around the base chakra. The excess of these energies can overwhelm the chakra’s filtering capacity, cause a congestion in the area and lead to lower back pain.

base chakra
The Base Chakra

The Universal Sphere is a good tool for balancing and clearing chakras. 

One of the more obvious reasons for lower back pain can be a damaged or herniated spinal disc. If you suspect this is your case, or you have any other spinal condition or injury, avoid the technique below and consult a doctor.

Lower back pain is usually accompanied by tension in the lower back muscles. Releasing this muscle tension may relieve and even completely eliminate the pain. This simple “threading the needle” technique will do the trick. This stretch targets the necessary muscles in the lower back and only takes a couple of minutes.  

To do this technique you will need a yoga mat or an exercise mat. If you don’t have one, you can also lay on a recliner or a bed, but it is better that the surface is not too soft.

Watch this video for the technique

It helps if you visualize breathing out the pain on every exhale.

Another possible lower back pain “quick fix” is Warrior pose 3. Usually this asana is not recommended if you are experiencing back pain. However, oftentimes it can actually help to relieve it. It targets the spinal muscles, among many others, and helps align the spinal column. Toned spinal muscles help with spinal instability, which can be one of the reasons for back pain.

Magic Back Support

Another good option for relieving back pain is a back stretching device. There are many available on the market, Magic Back Support is one of the most famous brands. The device is an adjustable arch that utilizes the bodyweight for stretching and relieving the spine. The procedure itself is usually very pleasant, all it takes is to lay down on the stretching arch and relax. However, it is very important not to exceed the recommended stretching duration. It is a good idea to start with just one-minute-per-day sessions and then gradually increase to five minutes. The catch with the longer stretching duration is that it can produce the opposite effect. If you overstretch your back muscles, they may “think” that they are not ready for this and will contract as a result. Also a longer application may produce a caffeine-like effect, so it is not recommended before sleep. Do the stretching within the first 15 minutes after waking up, when the spine is more relaxed. It is said though, that a reasonable back stretch will provide a more restful sleep. This kind of stretch is to be avoided if you strained your back. In this case it is better to rest your back muscles, because deep stretching can make it worse.

Recommendations to help avoid and get rid of pain in the lower spine:

  • Learn to walk correctly, avoid heavy “lazy steps” that put additional stress on your back
  • Check your spinal chest area for possible misalignment or deformation
  • Strengthen and balance your oblique muscles. Practicing side plank is a great way to do it.
  • Strengthen other core muscles, including abs. This will help stabilize the spine. TRX training is one of the best ways to do this.
  • Stop worrying about money or material possessions.
  • Balance and clear your chakras regularly.
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