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Vegetarian Olivier Salad. Best Party Food
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Vegetarian Olivier Salad. Best Party Food

olivier salad and lettuce on a plate

Traditional Olivier salad recipes usually include meat, chicken, bacon or even sausage. However, the core of this salad is the combination of potatoes, pickles, ground black pepper and mayo. Olivier is basically an improved potato salad and all the rest of the ingredients compliment its taste.

olivier salad and lettuce on a blue plate

As with any other salad, there is no one right way to prep it. You can vary the amount of the ingredients to suit your own taste. This recipe is vegetarian, it includes eggs, quail eggs in particular, which are superior to chicken eggs.

You will need:

Place whole potatoes and carrots in a saucepan with slightly salted water. Bring to a boil and simmer until you can push the tip of a knife through the middle. Then cool down in cold water.

Boil quail eggs (2-3 minutes) and cool them down immediately to allow for the shells to peel easily. Remove the skin from potatoes and carrots and chop finely. Chop eggs, pickles and onion finely too.

chopped vegetables and quail eggs

Optionally add canned green peas. Peas need to be soft and tender for this salad. Optionally also add chopped smoked tofu or tempeh bacon. This will make the salad taste closer to the original recipe. Add mayo, ground black pepper and mix all together.

Depending on how salty the pickles are, you might not need any salt at all. After mixing all the ingredients, taste your salad. It might need some more character and definition to improve the taste.

olivier salad ready

If so, add some more chopped pickles, black pepper or chopped onion. If the mayo you are using is not very sour, consider adding a small amount of vinegar. Add Japanese Seven Spice if you would like the salad a bit more zesty. This salad is best when left to sit overnight in the fridge. This will allow the onion to marinade the rest of the ingredients. Olivier salad goes well with red caviar. It is also good in a lavash wrap.

olivier salad and lettuce on a plate
olivier salad with red caviar and lettuce in lavash wraps cut in half

You can also decorate the salad with crispy garlic or crispy jalapenos.

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