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TRX Suspension Trainer: Train Anytime, Anywhere
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TRX Suspension Trainer: Train Anytime, Anywhere

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX is a great and versatile full body workout, it is ideal for fitness enthusiasts at any level. There are many videos with a variety of exercises available online. An advantage for beginners is that TRX usually requires only one’s bodyweight for the exercises.

TRX is a very efficient fitness system thanks to several factors. First of all, more muscles are engaged in this practice than during conventional resistance training. This is primarily due to the necessity to maintain balance during the workout, because TRX gives more freedom of movement . For example, the chest muscles are activated much better than by doing regular push ups or similar kind of traditional chest exercises.

Movements in TRX training are very natural. There are many exercises with a “hand pull” movement. This movement is usually overlooked in day-to-day life, leaving some of the important muscle groups underdeveloped. TRX is also very efficient in training the core muscles, which are the most important ones to strengthen.

Core fitness TRX

Also it is very effective in improving posture. It would be fair to say that TRX is the most versatile fitness system.

It is always recommended to have a couple of sessions with a coach before working out on your own. If you want to skip the coaching sessions, then it is important to remember a few basic rules: the straps should always be under tension while exercising; keep your spine as straight as possible (except for with exercises that require bending); avoid rubbing the straps against your body. Also it is recommended to pause for 2 seconds at the end of each movement, to activate your muscles better. And one more piece of advice: while doing push-ups, bring your palms close together at the end of each movement, this will activate your chest muscles further.

There are several versions of this suspension trainer: TRX PRO and TRX GO are the most common. The former is used in public gyms and the latter is intended for personal use. What makes TRX GO advantageous is it is lightweight and compact in size. And it still works just as well as the TRX PRO version!

TRX GO suspension fitness trainer
TRX GO is a lightweight personal suspension trainer

You can take TRX with you anywhere and it comes with its own cool pouch for travel too. The set also includes a door anchor as well as a traditional D-shackle strap. Make sure the door doesn’t open towards you and is closed before you begin 😊. The only potential downside of the TRX GO version, is that it has foam handles instead of plastic ones.

TRX GO vs TRX PRO suspension fitness trainer
TRX GO on the left and TRX PRO on the right
TRX Suspension Trainer
You don’t need to go to the gym if you own a TRX trainer!

It depends on the gym, of course

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