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Fermented Black Beans Salad with Character
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Fermented Black Beans Salad with Character

fermented black beans salad

Douchi, or fermented salted black beans have quite a pungent taste if consumed on their own. However, when mixed with the right ingredients, they make a great snack or salad.

To prep this very simple and unique salad you will need in equal proportions: fermented (preserved or salted) black beans, purple (preferably sweet) onion and quail eggs. Plus a yogurt of your choice for dressing.

Quail eggs are superior to chicken eggs in terms of taste and healthiness. If quail eggs are not available, regular chicken eggs will almost do the same.

Rinse black beans thoroughly and soak them for 10 minutes. This will remove extra salt. Chop blue onions and boiled quail eggs. Quail eggs usually require 2 minutes boiling time to be ready. Once ready, cool the eggs down under running water so the shells peel easily. You can get reasonably good, but a bit chewy ready-to-eat quail eggs from here

Mix all the three ingredients and add yogurt to a desired consistency. Usually the salad will get enough salt from the beans. If not, add some soy sauce or salt to taste.

black bean salad with spices

If you can’t find sweet onion, add a pinch of sugar. You can also sprinkle your salad with your favorite seasoning and sesame seed.

This salad also makes a good dip.

fermented black beans salad dip

If you don’t like fermented black beans, you can substitute them with just cooked black beans. In this case, add some soy sauce to taste.

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